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You will not be alone with us. After sale, we have tour with many details in it that puts you on the right path to proceed in your life in the best possible way. Which works for your convenience through several ways.

  1. Translate the sales contract ​​in which you deal as our teams provide an accurate legal translation of the official contracts.
  2. Ratification of contracts through a notary, which is a routine procedure that we provide for you so you will be in the safe side.
  3. Help in extracting the Tapu and for this matter we provide many procedures that may be difficult for you to implement in institutions due to your poor experience so we contribute to the rapid issuance of the Tapu document.
  4. Help in the procedures for submitting the Turkish citizenship to the buyer and his entire family, as we know very well what is required, what papers are necessary and how to do it as quickly as possible without the presence of obstacles in institutions.
  5. Helping in buying furniture. It is based on our experience in the Turkish market in general. We provide you with the finest and finest furniture at the best prices and to suit your needs and your family.
  6. Helping to rent out the house if you want, as the matter is done in a way that guarantees your rights and entitlements and what the tenant needs to preserve your property.
  7. If your property is a commercial store, we provide you with more than one choice, whether it is renting it, guaranteeing your right, preserving your property, or operating it in a way that benefits you well.

  8. During a whole year, we help you know the nature of the required taxes and facilitate their payment to the institution in a way that guarantees a full understanding of you.

With these many services you should know with certainty that we are with you step by step until you achieve complete satisfaction, adaptation and coexistence with the new lifestyle you decided.






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