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Pre-sale services are the beginning stage between the company and customers. In addition, it’s the first impression that appear specially with the customers outside Turkey, so the company has make an attention to what it provides in order to seek customer satisfaction and achieve the greatest benefit to them through which they can know their goals accurately and Determine the first steps taken to inspect real estate and atmosphere of the Turkish real estate market.

After defining the customers' need in a primary stage, we give them advice and guidance, then we can provide many options to suit his requirement.

  1. Visa issuance / where the company works to facilitate procedures and issue them as quickly as possible
  2. Booking airline tickets / The company provides airline reservations through the best companies at competitive prices

  3. Hotel reservation / The company provides hotel bookings at good prices in the finest and best hotels
  4. Airport reception / a specialized team from the company receives customers at the airport and organizes their first traffic towards the hotel in addition to knowing their needs in general
  5. Providing trips to the projects that are under construction and which are being completed or those completed projects that can still be purchased where the customer is contacted and the appointment is determined and our teams take him from the hotel or his location to the projects and then return it

These services are an easy part of what we can offer in order to satisfy customers and achieve the highest standards of comfort for them in order to create an environment that helps in taking the appropriate decision.






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